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  1. Trends in iOS Icon Design

    No comment, other than to remark at the visual similarity between the new Dropbox and Google+ iOS app icons.

  2. Page Rank after SSL Migration

    I migrated my blog to SSL on Nov. 6, but setting a 301 redirect on the non-SSL version has dropped me down below Twitter, Google+, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and one or two others in Google. Geek frustration level rising.

  3. Level Up

    Archived here, for posterity: repeating the last command you typed into bash.

  4. Starstruck

    Had my first starstruck moment in Brooklyn, standing next to Maggie Gyllenhaal on the subway.

  5. Keeping Up

    When what you know is who you are.

  6. IRC Clients

    IRC is an important communication channel at my new job. After being a long-time irssi and Textual user, I gave Linkinus a spin before finally installing weechat. weechat looks to be the winner.

  7. Spotted salamander

  8. Spring Toad

  9. Test Post

    Welcome, indeed.

  10. Being Nice

    For my own reference, on running processes nicely.

  11. SOPA Protests

    Archived for posterity.

  12. iTerm 2 Skinny Fonts: Solution

    For reasons that were unknown to me, iTerm 2 would display a nice, thick font when the laptop was the primary screen, but a very thin font when the Acer was primary.

  13. Is the Earth Special?

    I loved this recent Slashdot post. It's full of interesting facts about our planet.

  14. Where Are My Pills?

    Wherein the machinations of the health care industry adversely affect my ability to function.

  15. Liquid Televison

    Apparently Liquid Television is now on the web. Time to re-watch The Maxx.

  16. Demarked

    Mark Pilgrim seems to have removed himself from the Internet.

  17. Subversion and "Skipped '.'"

    Skipped '.' seems to be Subversion's way of saying, "svn up hit an external that isn't a working copy."

  18. Private Information

    Somehow, I feel like the NH Electric Co-op values their own privacy far more than they value mine.

  19. The Killer Technology

    This is a rant against saying some device/software/platform will "kill" another.

  20. Managing Money with Buxfer

    I think this is the app I've been waiting for.

  21. PHP 5.3.0 Changes

    PHP 5.3.0 looks promising.

  22. Space

    Freedom is never having to worry about disk space.

  23. Stupid VMware Tricks

  24. ADOdb, MySQL, and Transactions

    Transactions should be supported by everything.

  25. Google: Search Result Editing

    Great googly moogly.

  26. Vim,, and the Delete key

    Vim rulse^H^Hes.

  27. Google Doctype: Firefox Quick Searches

    Easy is good.

  28. The Twig is now Closed

    Nice to know you.

  29. On Burning Men

    Burn, baby.

  30. Vacation, Interrupted

    I hate airlines.

  31. New color scheme?

    Something like that.

  32. Power's Out

    Updates from the front line.

  33. Number 8!

    Call the cheerleading squad.

  34. Downtime

    Eight months.

  35. RIT Falling Behind

    Flex those pipes.

  36. Rest in Peace

    Bootsie, family pet of 20 years, sworn enemy of canines, and friend of everyone else, has passed away. Thank you for the companionship.

  37. Greasemonkey & Opera

    It's not just for Firefox anymore.

  38. Secret Language

    Spoiler\: I'm an Excalibur.

  39. Monkey See

    Or maybe, great minds think alike?

  40. Blog? What's that?

    I know, I know, it's been a while. There will be no apologies or excuses!

  41. Fall Updates, 2005 Edition

    Not much going on, really.

  42. Moving Out

    It's time.

  43. In Debt, and Indebted

    A quick "Thank you".

  44. Custom Plates

    I want them.

  45. Travelog: To Jen and Back

    Early this AM I drove back into Wentworth, fresh off the train from North Carolina after visiting with Jen all weekend. Nice place, it was. I saw a bit of art, ate some good food, and generally just hung out for a few days. Also on the docket was a …

  46. Sunday Miscellaneous: eBay Detective and Others

    Sunday grab bag.

  47. Linguistic Profile

    I am teh quizmaster.

  48. Post-Boskone Post

    It was cool, yeah yeah.

  49. If This Pad Could Talk...

    It would get pretty boring after a while.

  50. Internet Alphabet

    A-Z, but !V and !Y.

  51. Prior Art

    Which came first?

  52. Six Degrees

    Everyone is connected somehow, right?

  53. Well, that was fast

    In record time.

  54. Hello Blog

    Haven't been updating lately.

  55. What's that I smell?

    Faster than a speeding shutter.

  56. Snowflakes

    Ice crystals in November.

  57. To Have, or Have Not

    But still, my gut tells me that it is wrong.

  58. Couldn't Resist

    Which file extension are you?

  59. Unlocking iTMS Tracks

    Much as I love their products, Apple has still failed me in one important regard: they have not released iTunes for Linux.

  60. May I Have Another?

    Going broke has never been easier.

  61. Thursday Miscellaneous

    Been blogging only lightly these past few days.

  62. The Downside of AdSense

    That's the news. Now here's Al, with hot gay men.

  63. Righteous Babeage

    Buy tickets or perish.

  64. Random though

    Buenos dias, gringo.

  65. Speaking of Coding...

    I speak in tags.

  66. Escaping JavaScript for PHP

    We call this "overkill."

  67. Moving On

    The end of an era.

  68. July Updates

    I have much to be thankful for.

  69. Happy Birthday to You

    May you live long, and prosper.

  70. Food Costs

    I am excessively anal-retentive.

  71. One Week Later

    At least it's over.

  72. Surgery Tomorrow

    Scary knives to come.

  73. May Update

    It hurts.

  74. Spring Update

    Puzzle in a paragraph.

  75. Snowy Sunday

    It's April and it's showing. April showers... April snow showers?

  76. Thinking of the Big Picture

    We are dust.

  77. With a "D"

    Observations of Deaf culture.

  78. School Days

    Not many left.

  79. New Haircut

    Snazzy, no?

  80. I should blog...

    Because it's not like Karl is going to. Haven't had much to blog about lately. I've been reasonably busy with classes and work, as well as side projects. Most of the computer related things I do end up in my wiki, which is turning out to be invaluable. (And I …

  81. Winding Down

    Winter quarter is drawing to a close. It's already ancient history for most of the students here...

  82. ACGT, If You Please

    I have this problem speaking my mind. I clam up, don't say anything that might be remotely confrontational. Even sometimes, when I think it's important, I still say nothing. Don't ruffle the feathers, don't stir up those waters. I wonder where it comes from. I think, My dad seems like …

  83. Blast From the Past

    Ah, memories.

  84. Fall Updates

    Cheese sandwiches, co-ops, website updates, and thin clients, oh my.

  85. Still Playing Roles

    Lately, there has been much discussion regarding the complex dynamic between professors and students. Many people have already weighed with their thoughts on context, roles, hierarchy, respect and boundaries. Should professors befriend their students? Would friendship diminish their authority and level of respect in the classroom? There's a lot to …

  86. I Think I'm Alone Now

    No roommates; Xircom Wireless LAN.

  87. Only in New Hampshire

    Welcome to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles. If you would like more information, you should probably go somewhere else.

  88. Getting There From Here

    I've logged sixty-four hours of long drives since the beginning of June. That's a lot.

  89. What'd I miss?

    Smile, you're still alive.

  90. On Bragging

    I twitch.

  91. The Lure of Data

    Slashdot linked to an article at the New York Times entitled The Lure of Data: Is It Addictive? The basic gist is this: some people become addicted to information, getting a rush from multitasking and being connected. In other words: it's me, and it's why I feel compelled to catch …

  92. Summer of Three Day Vacations

    Tomorrow, I leave work early to drive to New Hampshire. Friday, I will leave New Hampshire for Massachusetts. Saturday, I will leave Massachusetts for New Hampshire. Sunday, I will leave New Hampshire for Rochester. Estimated driving time: 22 hours. Have a good weekend. Enjoy the holiday.

  93. Chevron Seven Locked

    Friday. 8:00. SCI FI. Stargate SG-1. Don't miss it. I know where I'll be. The three-hour block will start off with Stargate: The Lowdown, followed by the two-hour season premiere. I've been big into SG1 lately. Used to watch it back on HBO. How long ago was that? So …

  94. No News is Good News?

    Not much to report. I am settled back into the apartment here at RIT, enjoying the peace and quiet, but missing friends of various size and stature.

  95. TODO

    Things I will do when school ends (in no particular order): Move useful content over to the main Bwerp server. Find a better way to manage online content. (Not talking blogs here.) Stabilize my thin client setup. Play old SNES RPGs, like: Link to the Past Earthbound Secret of Mana …

  96. Summer Plans

    I'm staying at RIT for the summer. Will update soon. Transmission en--

  97. "Goodbye, Boss"

    Everywhere you go in New Hampshire, you see the Old Man of the Mountain. A natural formation of rocks, formed thousands of years ago, his profile has watched over the White Mountains and been our state symbol for generations. Last Thursday, New Hampshire lost not only a monument, but a …

  98. Will Intern for Food

    Disillusionment is rearing its ugly head.

  99. Of Indoor Swimming Pools

    Most people go through life not knowing what a soaking wet carpet sounds and feels like. This morning, my life was enriched. I saw the dark footprints on the carpet as soon as I woke up. I assumed there had been a spill of some sort, and thought about calling …

  100. Spring has Sprung

    Everything but the weather, that is. Spring break has come to a close, and today is the first day of the last quarter of my junior year. I'm simply bursting with excitement. I've been playing around with the green stylesheet, and it's here for good this time. I made sure …

  101. OK, Real Quick...

    From an article on Music sales in Germany have been in decline for the last five years, dropping 11% last year, and German copyright holders seem to think digital copying might have something to do with it. As Gerd Gebhardt, president of Bundesverband Phono (Germany's RIAA), asked: "If …

  102. Lonely, Lonely Blog

    For all you MacRITters, I've set up a new virtual host on my old iBook. The MacRIT Forum is now housed on the same server as this blog.

  103. Mmm, Vacation

    Sitting here in my old house, wearing flannel-lined khakis and my extremely orange topato hoodie, with my new keyboard in arm's reach. Life is good. Happy Holidays to everybody!