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Trends in iOS Icon Design

No comment, other than to remark at the visual similarity between the new Dropbox and Google+ iOS app icons.

Page Rank after SSL Migration

I migrated my blog to SSL on Nov. 6, but setting a 301 redirect on the non-SSL version has dropped me down below Twitter, Google+, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and one or two others in Google. Geek frustration level rising.

Level Up

Archived here, for posterity: repeating the last command you typed into bash.


Had my first starstruck moment in Brooklyn, standing next to Maggie Gyllenhaal on the subway.

Keeping Up

When what you know is who you are.

IRC Clients

IRC is an important communication channel at my new job. After being a long-time irssi and Textual user, I gave Linkinus a spin before finally installing weechat. weechat looks to be the winner.

Spotted salamander

Spring Toad

Test Post


Welcome, indeed.

Being Nice

For my own reference, on running processes nicely.

SOPA Protests

Archived for posterity.

iTerm 2 Skinny Fonts: Solution

For reasons that were unknown to me, iTerm 2 would display a nice, thick font when the laptop was the primary screen, but a very thin font when the Acer was primary.

Is the Earth Special?

I loved this recent Slashdot post. It's full of interesting facts about our planet.

Where Are My Pills?

Wherein the machinations of the health care industry adversely affect my ability to function.

Liquid Televison

Apparently Liquid Television is now on the web. Time to re-watch The Maxx.


Mark Pilgrim seems to have removed himself from the Internet.

Subversion and "Skipped '.'"

Skipped '.' seems to be Subversion's way of saying, "svn up hit an external that isn't a working copy."

Private Information

Somehow, I feel like the NH Electric Co-op values their own privacy far more than they value mine.

The Killer Technology

This is a rant against saying some device/software/platform will "kill" another.

Managing Money with Buxfer

I think this is the app I've been waiting for.

PHP 5.3.0 Changes

PHP 5.3.0 looks promising.


Freedom is never having to worry about disk space.

Stupid VMware Tricks

ADOdb, MySQL, and Transactions

Transactions should be supported by everything.

Google: Search Result Editing

Great googly moogly.