Travelog: To Jen and Back

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 21 June 2005. It is tagged and #Personal.

Early this AM I drove back into Wentworth, fresh off the train from North Carolina after visiting with Jen all weekend. Nice place, it was. I saw a bit of art, ate some good food, and generally just hung out for a few days.

Also on the docket was a concert by Aimee Mann. She played some new stuff that I'm not familiar with, but also gave us Save Me, Driving Sideways, and Deathly, not to mention an impromptu Freebird (lesson for the night: you can't tame a bird) and Harry Nilsson's One, a tune they haven't played for a couple years she noted.

No photos from me on this one: Nikon is still fixing my camera. If I get cracking on Jen's site soon, maybe you'll be treated to pictures of tiny fish swarming my pale feet in the Eno.