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Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 4 December 2004. It is tagged #Computers and #Personal.

Haven't been updating lately. Haven't been doing much of anything besides working. I get home and I don't feel like doing anything, like coding or sysadmining or any of the other stuff I love.

I'm learning a new database application for work called Alpha Five V5, from Alpha Software. It shows promise. As a PHP/MySQL kind of guy, so much of what I do revolves around basic functionality. How do I make this data available to the next page, how will I display this status message to the user, that sort of thing. It will be nice to have those things taken care of for me so I can concentrate on the meat of the application, where all the fun happens.

Today was the first real snowfall of winter. It was cold, but worth it.

There was a server move with the company hosting www.bwerp.net. This has resulted in some disarray of varying degrees, ranging from troublesome to catastrophic. Mainly:

  1. SSH access is no longer available. This means I cannot maintain my site with CVS and Karl can no longer update his site using CheapBlog.
  2. The user directory paths have been modified, and are no longer prepended with a tilde. This has broken hundreds upon hundreds of existing links to sub-pages at bwerp.net.

The site will be moved to DreamHost when motivation finds me. Nothing against Simpli, Inc. I've been their customer for a long time and have had a pretty positive experience, but it's time to move along.

Life goes on.