"Goodbye, Boss"

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 4 May 2003. It is tagged and #Personal.

Everywhere you go in New Hampshire, you see the Old Man of the Mountain. A natural formation of rocks, formed thousands of years ago, his profile has watched over the White Mountains and been our state symbol for generations.

Last Thursday, New Hampshire lost not only a monument, but a dear friend.

It is hard for me to explain my personal sense of loss. The Old Man stood for many things I love about the Granite State. He was strength. He was of nature. He was larger than life, and seemingly immobile. And true to his nature, our best efforts to hold him up could not persuade him to stay. "Live Free or Die," indeed.

I am a product of New Hampshire. I value nature and rural sensibilities. I am simple, and I am practical. I am sure some people want to rebuild him, but I say this is how he wanted it to be. He was with us longer than his time, and we should let him rest in peace.

So "Goodbye," Old Man. You live on on our signposts, on our coins, and in my heart.

Those wishing for more information can read this article in the The Union Leader.