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Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 30 August 2004. It is tagged and #Personal.

We've all seen the futuristic visions of cars that drive themselves at incredible speeds, freeing humans from the need to navigate and be otherwise attentive to the trip. These self-driving cars would change our lives in many ways, and almost certainly make drunk driving accidents a thing of the past.

Maybe an owner could enable the blood alcohol content monitor in his car, disabling the manual override when the driver is intoxicated. The real interesting bit, though: Maybe this same BAC monitor would disable voice navigation during intoxication, or only accept a subset of locations. Imagine getting in your car completely trashed, and deciding you wanted to go to Mexico City. Next thing you know, you've passed out for 10 hours and wake up in the middle of Avenida Francisco Sosa. There's an "oops" moment for you.