Fall Updates

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 11 September 2003. It is tagged and #Personal.

Today, I ate a cheese sandwich.

I accepted a co-op with Information & Technology Services at RIT on Tuesday. In ten short weeks, I'll be 40 credits away from graduation.

I was looking forward to taking classes again after a summer of full-time employment. Three-tier database was a fun prospect, and I definitely need the Oracle experience. Deaf History looked to be enjoyable as well. Such things will have to wait; co-ops don't come along every ten weeks.

I finally got around to updating the graffiti board. It's used a text file since its inception, which I believe was nearly two years ago. (It's a shame I don't document this stuff better.. Oh well. CVS comes to my rescue this time.) Now it's got its very own MySQL table, and it saves post times and an IP hash in case abuse becomes a problem.

My thin client is for sale on eBay. It's a good machine, but I'm not exactly rolling in dough, so I'll use the funds from the sale to finance a new server. I'm thinking, nice big black case with lots of internal expansion room, and some removable hard drive brackets.