Of Indoor Swimming Pools

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 25 March 2003. It is tagged and #Personal.

Most people go through life not knowing what a soaking wet carpet sounds and feels like. This morning, my life was enriched.

I saw the dark footprints on the carpet as soon as I woke up. I assumed there had been a spill of some sort, and thought about calling Housing to get it cleaned up. (The smell of moldy carpet does not rank high on the list of things we need in this apartment.) I went to take my shower, and I realized things were much worse than I had imagined.

I practically swam to the bathroom, navigating around the wet floor rugs, and found that the toilet bowl was completely full, and every inch of tile from the tub to the sink was covered in a fine layer of water. It had already began seeping into the carpet, and made it all the way into the living room. I'm not sure, but I think it was trying to escape out the front door before I woke up.

Albert came to our rescue, as he often does. The carpet is still waterlogged, but at least the flooding has ceased. Albert's veritable Plunger of Justice saw to that.

I think I've had enough morning for one day.