Food Costs

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 13 June 2004. It is tagged #Personal and #Nutrition.

A large package of Wegman's boneless breast chicken (approx. 12 pc.) costs \$10.81, or 90¢ per breast. A loaf of Wegman's hearty multigrain bread (14 slices, excluding the ends) is \$2.49, about 18¢ per slice. A package of teriyaki marinade will run you just 79¢. Given these figures, a teriyaki chicken sandwich will run you about \$1.52, assuming you marinated three breasts and used one for each sandwich. Wegman's Diet Wedge soda (calorie free, caffeine free) costs \$2.50 for a 12 pack, a scant 21¢ per 12 oz. can. Total meal cost: \$1.73.

Chicken on multigrade bread is far healthier than Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Spirals, my quick-and-easy dish of choice. A bowl of Mac & Cheese costs under \$1.25 by my estimate, including the 99¢ box and small amounts of milk and butter needed for preparation.

I spend around \$5 every time I go to Taco Bell, which I consider the most affordable fast food place around. I can usually stay under \$5 at Crossroads here at RIT as well. Lunch at The Ritz runs me at at least \$7, without fail.

I've been meaning to tally this up for a while, as my financial situation is a little tight for the next few months. Has anyone else done this for their daily meals?