Sunday Miscellaneous: eBay Detective and Others

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 22 May 2005. It is tagged and #Personal.

Via The Register: Burgled mum finds stolen iPod on eBay. This one gave me a fuzzy feeling inside. Being the victim of theft feels terrible, but I imagine it's near euphoria if you can bring the police crashing down on your thief. Maybe that's why the RIAA and MPAA are so persistent?

Also, 'grats to Justin on his graduation ceremony. It was a decent day for the event, if a little overcast. Somehow I managed to walk away with a sunburn despite all the clouds. Robin Roberts was the commencement speaker, and a good one at that. Her speech was casual and funny and had a good message. Who can complain?

In other news, I'm jumping ship from MoinMoin in favor of MediaWiki. I still like MoinMoin (especially the access control lists), but I feel the MediaWiki syntax is more robust. Also, DreamHost's MoinMoin support is poor, at least without some major tweaking, and I did not see a major speed increase by moving Moin from JVDS to DreamHost. The wikis will be a bit cluttered in the mean time, though it's not like you're using it anyway.

Time to get something done. Cheers.