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  1. Dropbox for iOS: Version Conflict

    Which version do I want to keep? Where's the button for, "I have no goddamn idea?"

  2. Transit Markers in Apple Maps

    Least favorite feature about Apple Maps in iOS 6: the transit markers are next to useless.

  3. Adventures in Git: Move Commits from Master to New Branch

    The other night, I sat down with Git to solve what turned out to be a very simple problem: what if you've started making commits to your master branch, but want to move your work into a feature branch?

  4. Drawing ACS-mode boxes in the terminal with Ruby

    VT100 included an alternate character set (ACS) that enabled box drawing within the terminal. Here's a script from StackOverflow to test support for ACS.

  5. Google on the iPhone

    In which I explore things which were taken for granted.

  6. Experiment: Digital Permanence and Ownership

    When it comes to digital goods, I'm hesitant where I throw my money. Value is subjective and situational. I'm not a huge movie buff and I rarely rewatch, so \$8.99/monthly for Netflix isn't bad. On the other hand, I loathe the idea of subscription-based music: if I wanted …

  7. Git Subtree Merges, Orphaned Branches, and GitHub

    Git supports a merge strategy called the subtree merge which brings a branch into a subdirectory of another branch. How are these created, what if the dependency isn't a Git project, and how does GitHub display unrelated branches?

  8. Locked Files in Mac OS X

    You may observe files with the correct ownership (chown) and permissions (chmod u+rw) that are write-locked. In my experience, the files were editable with sudo, and modification via the Finder would prompt for an administrator password. In these situations, you may be dealing with additional file attributes.

  9. webOS 3.0.2 Changes

    Observed changes from the webOS 3.0.2 update.

  10. Ubuntu 8.04 on Linode: Cloning and Upgrading to 10.04

    Here are some jumbled notes from my Linode VPS's upgrade from Ubuntu "Hardy Heron" 8.04 to "Lucid Lynx" 10.04. I wanted to do a test run before such a huge upgrade, and I did so by cloning my VPS to a VMware Fusion virtual machine. Note that I …

  11. Appify: Wrapping Shell Scripts as Applications in Mac OS X 10.6

    Today I'm publishing appify, a shell script that turns any other non-interactive shell script into a double-clickable Mac OS X application bundle.

  12. Upgrading to Snow Leopard

    I've just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard," and had one problem along the way.

  13. The iPad is OK… Sometimes

    The impending release of the Apple iPad has increased the chatter on my Twitter and Google Reader feeds, with some commentary pro-iPad, some con-, and some mocking the rest. It's also subject of a lot of discussion here in the office, usually in terms of which model we would like …

  14. Subversion: Missing Features

    I love many things about git, but I use Subversion at my day job. Two git features please me enough that I took the time to build them into my svn workflow: paged diffs and "commit -v." As of 15 September 2011, this script will also diff properties using the …

  15. Removing All Partitions in Mac OS X

    Here's now to "remove" all partitions on a disk under Mac OS X by clobbering the partition map.

  16. The Incredible Shrinking RAM

    Looks like RAM is getting smaller.

  17. 16.7 Exabytes

    I'm a big deal.

  18. Thunderbird and Vim

    Why don't I use mutt, again?

  19. Python Indentation and Vim

    Holy wars, to some.

  20. SVN Repository Explodes, No Serious Injuries

    Close call.

  21. Linking to E-mail Messages

    But not in Thunderbird.

  22. Psychedelic TV, Courtesy of Netflix

    Broken things ahead.

  23. Leopard: SMB Easter Egg


  24. Alpha Five Updates: Syndicated Feed

    Syndicate your updates.

  25. Logitech V270 Bluetooth Mouse

    I work at a computer cable company and use a wireless mouse.