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  1. Dropbox for iOS: Version Conflict

    Which version do I want to keep? Where's the button for, "I have no goddamn idea?"

  2. Transit Markers in Apple Maps

    Least favorite feature about Apple Maps in iOS 6: the transit markers are next to useless.

  3. Adventures in Git: Move Commits from Master to New Branch

    The other night, I sat down with Git to solve what turned out to be a very simple problem: what if you've started making commits to your master branch, but want to move your work into a feature branch?

  4. Drawing ACS-mode boxes in the terminal with Ruby

    VT100 included an alternate character set (ACS) that enabled box drawing within the terminal. Here's a script from StackOverflow to test support for ACS.

  5. Google on the iPhone

    In which I explore things which were taken for granted.

  6. Experiment: Digital Permanence and Ownership

    When it comes to digital goods, I'm hesitant where I throw my money. Value is subjective and situational. I'm not a huge movie buff and I rarely rewatch, so \$8.99/monthly for Netflix isn't bad. On the other hand, I loathe the idea of subscription-based music: if I wanted …

  7. Git Subtree Merges, Orphaned Branches, and GitHub

    Git supports a merge strategy called the subtree merge which brings a branch into a subdirectory of another branch. How are these created, what if the dependency isn't a Git project, and how does GitHub display unrelated branches?

  8. Locked Files in Mac OS X

    You may observe files with the correct ownership (chown) and permissions (chmod u+rw) that are write-locked. In my experience, the files were editable with sudo, and modification via the Finder would prompt for an administrator password. In these situations, you may be dealing with additional file attributes.

  9. webOS 3.0.2 Changes

    Observed changes from the webOS 3.0.2 update.

  10. Ubuntu 8.04 on Linode: Cloning and Upgrading to 10.04

    Here are some jumbled notes from my Linode VPS's upgrade from Ubuntu "Hardy Heron" 8.04 to "Lucid Lynx" 10.04. I wanted to do a test run before such a huge upgrade, and I did so by cloning my VPS to a VMware Fusion virtual machine. Note that I …

  11. Appify: Wrapping Shell Scripts as Applications in Mac OS X 10.6

    Today I'm publishing appify, a shell script that turns any other non-interactive shell script into a double-clickable Mac OS X application bundle.

  12. Upgrading to Snow Leopard

    I've just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard," and had one problem along the way.

  13. The iPad is OK… Sometimes

    The impending release of the Apple iPad has increased the chatter on my Twitter and Google Reader feeds, with some commentary pro-iPad, some con-, and some mocking the rest. It's also subject of a lot of discussion here in the office, usually in terms of which model we would like …

  14. Subversion: Missing Features

    I love many things about git, but I use Subversion at my day job. Two git features please me enough that I took the time to build them into my svn workflow: paged diffs and "commit -v." As of 15 September 2011, this script will also diff properties using the …

  15. Removing All Partitions in Mac OS X

    Here's now to "remove" all partitions on a disk under Mac OS X by clobbering the partition map.

  16. The Incredible Shrinking RAM

    Looks like RAM is getting smaller.

  17. 16.7 Exabytes

    I'm a big deal.

  18. Thunderbird and Vim

    Why don't I use mutt, again?

  19. Python Indentation and Vim

    Holy wars, to some.

  20. SVN Repository Explodes, No Serious Injuries

    Close call.

  21. Linking to E-mail Messages

    But not in Thunderbird.

  22. Psychedelic TV, Courtesy of Netflix

    Broken things ahead.

  23. Leopard: SMB Easter Egg


  24. Alpha Five Updates: Syndicated Feed

    Syndicate your updates.

  25. Logitech V270 Bluetooth Mouse

    I work at a computer cable company and use a wireless mouse.

  26. Adobe "Customer Service"

    Customer disservice.

  27. Giving Feedback

    Don't tell me what I can now do.

  28. OO.o Calc: Skipping Days

    Spreadsheet geekery.

  29. Merging PDFs in Linux

    And it all comes together.

  30. I've never wanted a mobile phone


  31. Creating eReader Books

    Reading on the cheap.

  32. Public Service Announcement

    Important announcement.

  33. Zip Technology

    I can see the train of thought now.

  34. Saving Music Videos in iTunes 5.0 for Windows

    No, I haven't done it yet.

  35. Taming Google

    Down, boy.

  36. Brought to you by the number 1™

    This is profound.

  37. It's the Thought That Counts

    Wait, I thought sharing was bad?

  38. Man Convicted for... Something?

    On drawing the wrong conclusions.

  39. Font Resource

    Over at there is a pretty cool resource for finding Unicode characters. For example: the inverted Ohm sign. They've got character codes, a Java reference, raster and vector files of the character, and more. That's a lot of data for just one character.

  40. Aggressive Advertising

    A few days ago I clicked a link to an Ars Technica article and was greeted by a full-screen advertisement for Vonage. This was not much of a surprise, these commercial breaks are standard fare on many websites today. What did surprise me was the page that followed: [][] Maybe Vonage …

  41. Microsoft Intelligence

    I cannot fathom the chain of events that led to this limitation of Microsoft Excel 97:

  42. Thunderbird Display Errors

    I never liked those buttons, anyway.

  43. That Crushing Feeling, and Tangled Webs

    Unweaving the web.

  44. Ergodex DX1

    Customize your input.

  45. News to Me

    Lies within lies.

  46. Memorex Black CD-R Changes

    Bad idea.

  47. Backup Musings

    I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

  48. Saving iTunes Music Store Videos in Windows

    Be the archive you want to see in the world.

  49. Bash Tips: Set Remote Variables

    Seldom necessary, always difficult.

  50. Free Fone, Friend

    VoIP me.

  51. Hello Blog

    Haven't been updating lately.

  52. POV-Ray Fumblings

    A cat, right? It's a cat, isn't it?

  53. Help from Unlikely Places

    For the less stylish among us.

  54. Subversion Wiki Updates

    I've updated the Subversion page on my wiki with instructions for ViewCVS.

  55. CompactFlash Price Drops

    When did CompactFlash cards get so cheap?

  56. Thursday Miscellaneous

    Been blogging only lightly these past few days.

  57. Dynamic Pages with JavaScript and the DOM

    Potentially confusing and/or helpful.

  58. More Subversion Reading

    You know you love it.

  59. Under Control

    I think this the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  60. Alternate Dimensions

    Just don't turn it 90 degrees around the Y-axis.

  61. Sunday Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous stuff on a gray Sunday.

  62. The Stylus is So Yesterday

    New stuff. Palm Wireless Keyboard.

  63. Hacker Culture

    Hack, don't crack.

  64. Virii Lie

    I don't remember sending this.

  65. Wiki way

    Interesting things happen on the web.

  66. Of Scripts and Such

    Where to start? "Scripted Administration." That's been the phrase of the past three months of my life. Mac OS X Scripted Administration, to be more precise. Why? Who? Where? I'll get to it.

  67. New Toy

    New toy: Zaurus SL-5500. 1, 2, 3. Yeah, I did it again...

  68. More Information in my Pocket

    What about...

  69. Miscellaneous Hackery

    Mostly UML.

  70. Ninja Power vgextend!

    Logical volume management is changing the way I think about storage. (Warning: it only gets geekier from here.)

  71. Metadata Rhymes with Metadata

    Metadata! What is it? It's data, but it's more than that: it's data about data. "So," you're asking, "why should I care?" Well, I'm glad you asked! Sit a spell, won't you?

  72. Pocket-sized Internet

    As I mentioned, I'm the proud owner of an 802.11b wireless networking adapter for my Palm m500. I promised I'd post about it, and who am I to disappoint?

  73. Dock Annoyances

    "An application should always present a window when its Dock icon is clicked." Does anyone else find this feature slightly annoying?

  74. Bash Tips: Automatically Go Root

    I did some scripting for work yesterday, and came up with this little snippet to ensure important scripts will run as root.

  75. Internet Explorer fumbles.. he's down!

    There goes the neighborhood.

  76. DBMS Updates

    Today's gonna be a good day. I've already ranted on the physical pain I experience working with Visual Basic.NET/Access. Today, my prayers are being answered. PHP and Apache are swooping down like a sort of heavenly convoy, my shining light in the darkness that is Client/Server Database …

  77. Thin Client Update

    After an excruciating ten day long wait, I finally received all the parts for my new computer. After wrestling with a handicapped onboard bootrom, a harddrive that doesn't seem to be bootable, and some assorted NFS problems, everything seems to be in order. (Tip: make sure rpc.statd is running …

  78. SpamAssassin, Procmail, and Fetchmail, Oh My

    I followed Mark Pilgrim's lead and set up SpamAssassin tonight, with some help. I've actually been pretty lucky in the spam department, with one spam every couple days. Having a dummy account with aliases helps, plus I get to see exactly where people are getting my address from. Here's the …

  79. I Like 'em Thin

    Just placed the orders for my new thin client setup.

  80. Microsoft is Pain

    So I'm taking a client/server database course this quarter. Now, I'm no stranger to working with databases. I've done a few projects of varying size in MySQL and PHP, most of which I enjoyed thoroughly. (Yes, I'm a database weirdo. Sue me.) PHP's database access is straightforward and sensible …

  81. Family Tech Support

    From "Family Tech Support," a recent story on Slashdot: For a month, my mother became really productive (mom's productivity is measured in forwarded joke emails), and then, abruptly, stopped being productive at all... I sent several emails which went unanswered... The next time I heard from her was on my …

  82. Bwerp Server Move

    Some of you may be experiencing problems with at the moment. My provider is shuffling around some of their servers, and you may get a 503 Forbidden until your cache updates. Don't panic.

  83. Mmm.. Web Development

    Not terribly interesting to most of you.

  84. Making Plain Text Useful

    I've been taking class notes on my computer (and Palm m500) for quite some time now, but I'm always left with the question of how to format them so they're actually useful later. Plain text has formatting issues, and isn't easily malleable. HTML looks nice, but it's hard to write …

  85. I Hope My PC Forgives Me

    For the next five days, my Linux machine will sit somewhere between shutting down and starting up.

  86. Making Windows Bearable

    I sort of stumbled across Cygwin the other day. It's by Red Hat, but I actually like it. Cygwin gives Windows users access to many of the tools included with most Linux distributions. It's comforting having native access to mutt, vim, bash, and ssh, on those occasions when I need …

  87. Palm Goodies

    As a follow-up to my last post, here's a catalog of some interesting apps I've found for my Palm m500.

  88. Productivity?

    Yeah, my productivity on the Palm m500 just went to Zero.

  89. Tim O'Reilly on Piracy

    Tim O'Reilly has a very well thought-out and informed article on piracy over at He says many good things about the benefits of the P2P world and what has been labeled as "piracy", the desire for users to have immediate access to entertainment, books, and the like, and …