Subversion Wiki Updates

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 7 October 2004. It is tagged #Computers, #Linux, and #Scripting.

I've updated the Subversion page on my wiki with instructions for ViewCVS. The setup was a huge pain in the neck due to some changes in SWIG (necessary for the SVN Python bindings) so I thought it worthy of a blog mention as well. Now, in addition to the WebDAV access, I've got web access to any revision of any file in any of my repositories. Very nice.

I also included a small patch to that makes the log message preview a little smarter. Normally, the message is truncated to 80 characters in the file browser view. My style of writing log messages (as defined in the Subversion HACKING guide, section "Writing log messages") is a brief message at the beginning of the log, followed by individual files and directories and a list of their changes. The file list kept spilling over into the opening message as I browsed in ViewCVS, so I wrote the patch to fix the problem. Check the ViewCVS section on the wiki for a download link.