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Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 11 February 2005. It is tagged #Computers and #Movies.

News flash: MPAA defaces popular file-swapping site [local mirror].

I have several problems with this move. First, the site claims, "There are websites that provide legal downloads." To the best of my knowledge, this is a lie. Please show me a site where I can legally download feature films, I would very much like to check it out.

Second, the position is awful high-and-mighty. Executives earning hundreds of thousands of dollars are preying on our sympathies, asking us to think of the "honest, hard-working people" out of one side of their mouth, but at the same time rewriting laws to their favor and enforcing DVD region encoding to control sales and increase profits despite the inconvenience to consumers.

I have no problem compensating people for a job well done, but give your customers a little respect. I guarantee every person that has downloaded a movie with LokiTorrent's help has supported the MPAA in some way. Don't scream bloody murder when a movie is pirated, take the opportunity to examine your situation, ask questions, give us alternatives that are even remotely worthwhile.