Google on the iPhone

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 12 April 2012. It is tagged #Computers, #gmail, #Google, #iphone, #iPhone 4S, #palm pre, and #webOS.

I've finally replaced my aging Palm Pre (released June 2009) with an iPhone 4S. I wasn't looking forward to the move, but only by using the iPhone full-time do I finally realize what I'm missing. Most frustrating is the poor support for Google services, which have been my central repository thus far.

  • No built-in GTalk, so far no compelling third-party options
  • Contacts not supported by built-in "Gmail" account option
  • Contacts supported using Exchange (Google Sync) account type for Google Apps, but email labels are not supported (Home, Work, etc.)

As a guy who doesn't use any of the built-in Mac OS X applications, I'm not feeling a lot of the standard integration points. My stuff's in the cloud, which is seemingly incompatible with the iCloud.