Subversion: Missing Features

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 25 January 2010. It is tagged #Computers, #git, #Subversion, and #svn.

I love many things about git, but I use Subversion at my day job. Two git features please me enough that I took the time to build them into my svn workflow: paged diffs and "commit -v." As of 15 September 2011, this script will also diff properties using the command svn propdiff PROPNAME.

This creates an svn less subcommand that runs svn diff with any other arguments you provided, paging the result through less(1). It also provides a custom environment variable to svn ci, instructing Vim to split screen, set some options suitable for a read-only diff, and run svn diff on all files included in the default commit message, i.e. the list of changed files. Finally, it wraps svn propdiff to highlight modifications to a property.

Any unrecognized subcommands (update, checkout, etc.) are passed through unchanged. The automatic diff is only applied to the ci subcommand, so the svn commit variant can be used when a diff is not required.


You can quickly grab this script with curl or wget:

bash$ curl > ~/bin/svn

Or similar.