Creating eReader Books

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 3 August 2006. It is tagged #Computers and #Palm.

I've been reading eBooks via the eReader application since I got my T5. (Hey, I never blogged about that.) The application itself is good, and I've purchased around ten titles from their website. I've always meant to look into eBook creation, though, so I can convert any text into an eReader-compatible file. Turns out the necessary application is available on the eReader site: I dub thee "DropBook".

DropBook is a "free-as-in-beer" application for converting specially-formatted ASCII text into a PDB file suitable for eReader. It understands the Palm Markup Language (PML), a collection of escape sequences for creating chapter breaks, titles, bold, italic, and other assorted formatting cues.

I intend to use this application quite a bit to store short stories and the like. Maybe I'll finally find time to read some of the Intergalactic Medicine Show when the back issues are always a tap away.

See also: PML special characters.