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  1. Feedback Loop

    William Chan blogs, and Nginx is watching.

  2. Impersonation by Gravatar

    There's a discussion going on at work regarding the potential for impersonation using Gravatar. There is some merit to this concern, though I consider it a little flimsy.

  3. Conferencing in Boston

    I've been fortunate enough to attend three conferences through my employer: jQuery Conference (2010 and 2011), and WordCamp Boston (2011). I've regretted not blogging about these, so in lieu of a full recap, suffice it to say these were awesome, energizing events and I hope to keep participating in the …

  4. jsRender: Passing Variables to Nested Templates

    Is there a cleaner way than $

  5. Webpages as Screen Savers in Mac OS X

    jQuery can power your screensaver. Your move.

  6. Use openssl to Issue Raw HTTP Requests

    telnet is a handy tool for examining a raw HTTP connection, but it fails hard on HTTP over SSL. Turns out openssl can step in.

  7. Google+ for Google Apps

    It's finally here.

  8. WordPress Network Plugin Management

    I need to test all of these, at some point.

  9. Installing CPAN Modules without Root

    Today I needed to run mysqlhotcopy, but it was failing "undefined symbol: mysql_init" in DBD::mysql. My Perl is rusty at best, and I finally resorted to reinstalling DBI and DBD::mysql using the local user.

  10. Better Local Dev Hostnames with Dnsmasq

    I use ghost to configure development environment hostnames for all my local test sites. I wondered if there wasn't a more robust solution that supported wildcards.

  11. Automatic Ellipsis with CSS

    How do I keep forgetting about text-overflow: ellipsis? Maybe a blog post will help cement it in my memory.

  12. API REST Considerations

    The API offers both RESTful and non-RESTful responses. The non-RESTful variant is suitable for clients that are limited in some way.

  13. REST APIs and Security in PHP

    When creating a REST endpoint, how do you protect your data from unauthorized access?

  14. Responsive Design Quick Tips

    "Responsive design quick tips," reblogged from Brad Frost on Google+.

  15. Saving WordPress Media to Amazon S3 (Teaser)

    On saving media directly to Amazon S3.

  16. Google Chrome 13 "Pretty Print" Scripts

    Screenshots of Google Chrome 13's "pretty print" feature for scripts.

  17. How Not to Serve Ads

    I don't have Flash installed in my primary web browser. Google Chrome tries to download ads served by Sometimes this causes tabs to close.

  18. Running gitweb in FastCGI Mode

    Maybe my Google-fu is just failing me on this one, but I had a hell of a time getting gitweb to run in FastCGI mode.

  19. Makefile for CSS and JS Minify/Compress

    I've had an ever-growing need to automate the minification and compression of CSS and JavaScript files on my web server, and while I'd written some rudimentary Makefiles in the past, I finally found time to write a kick-ass general purpose Makefile that can be applied to any project with very little modification.

  20. WordPress Stack Exchange Goes Live

    WordPress Answers is in public beta. Get in.

  21. WordPress StackExchange

    "WordPress Answers," the StackExchange-powered question and answer site for WordPress, has made it out of Area 51 and into a week-long private beta.

  22. WordPress Themes and the GPL

    There's some debate over whether WordPress themes are automatically GPL because of the way they are loaded by, integrate with, and depend on WordPress, which is GPL.

  23. WordPress 3.0 Released

    At long last, WordPress 3.0 is here. Thanks to Pete Mall for his post on upgrading WordPress MU to WordPress 3, and for [@andrea_r][]for bringing it to my attention. Total upgrade time: \~5 minutes on Subversion checkout with no mods. Can't wait to use the custom post types …

  24. Ads vs. Content

    Red highlights added by me. I wonder if Google has policies regarding this type of ad layout. I think having this poor a ratio of content to ads dilutes all the advertising. Whatever the case, I hate wading through this many ads in search of the article.

  25. My Browser is Sentient

    Noticed some weird traffic coming into my router this morning.