Responsive Design Quick Tips

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 10 October 2011. It is tagged #Web and #responsive.

Via +Brad Frost, on Google+:

Responsive design quick tips:

  • Start mobile-first: start with the lowest screen size

  • Keep in mind that there's plenty of devices less than 320px

  • The absence of a media query is the first media query. - +Bryan Rieger

  • Let the fluid grid do most of the work. You don't want to manage 100 layouts caused by 100 media queries, so let the fluidity of the web do its thang.

  • Use min-width, not max-width for the most part (again part of the mobile-first strategy)

  • Be mindful of media. Start with small images and swap them out for larger resolutions. Check out +Jason Grigsby 's fantastic in-depth look at techniques.

  • Don't lean on the DOM too much. Performance is your #1 feature and manipulating things with JS too much can bog down your site's performance.

  • Don't do 100 backflips to rearrange a bunch of shit. Make sure your design is smart enough to scale up without essentially designing multiple sites.

  • Don't hide content for mobile. Mobile users want to access content just as much as desktop users.

  • Keep hit areas big. Design for touch input methods, and keep in mind that desktop users can benefit from increased hit areas as well.

Just some stream-of-consciousness stuff off the top of my head. What are some other tips?

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