IE "Operation Aborted" and jQuery

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 9 July 2008. It is tagged #Web, #ie, #ie7, #internet explorer, #internet explorer 7, #JavaScript, #jgrowl, and #jquery.

[Operation Aborted dialog][]I ran into a problem with Internet Explorer 7's "Operation Aborted" dialog yesterday. When displaying a message via jGrowl, IE7 would display the contents leading up to my <script> tag, then die with that error and redisplay a "friendly" error page claiming, "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."

The previously mentioned IEBlog article immediately shined light on my mistake: $.jGrowl() was attempting to modify <body> before the tag had been closed. The solution: place my $.jGrowl() calls in $(document).ready().

[Operation Aborted dialog]: /media/2008/07/09/aborted.jpg