Zoom.it API REST Considerations

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 15 October 2011. It is tagged #Web, #api, and #rest.

The Zoom.it API offers both RESTful and non-RESTful responses. The non-RESTful variant is suitable for clients that are limited in some way. For example, JavaScript's cross-origin request policy necessitates JSONP in some cases, and Flash/Silverlight translate all non-200 OK response codes to 404 Not Found.

Key differences for non-RESTful:

  • Non-RESTful behavior is triggered by the presence of a format=(xml|json) query string parameter, rather than RESTful's Accept header in the HTTP request.
  • All requests return 200 OK
  • The RESTful response is wrapped in a Response object which provides data that would otherwise be handled via HTTP (e.g. headers like Location or Retry-After, status code and text, etc.).