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How "Oldschool" Graphics Worked

"The 8-Bit Guy" explains how color and graphics worked on old 8-bit systems like the NES and Apple II.

Cookie Clicker

So many cookies.

World of Warcraft: TCG Card Numbering

The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game seems to have a very specific ordering of cards, which I'm attempting to accurately interpret.

Portal 2: Now with More Portals

When I think about the original Portal, I think of increasingly challenging puzzles, easter eggs, and the sarcasm and insults of a cruel AI. Portal 2 continues this tradition in a very satisfying way.

Cataclysm Beta

Blizzard To Post Real Names on Forums

[Forums screenshot][img-big]

Blizzard today announced an upcoming change to the way users are represented on the official forums: included with each post will be the user's real name. Obviously, the shitstorm was immediate and intense. (Over 5,000 posts in the four hours 12,600 posts in the 7.5 hours …

Ding III

Third time's a charm.

Please Insert Quarter

I'm now the proud owner of a Midway Galaga cocktail table. Current TODO:

  • Research hardware (joysticks, replacement grills)
  • Mount LCD and Dell SX270 inside cabinet
  • Get a bump key so I can open the damn door


[front1]: /media/2009/04/front1.jpg [plaque]: /media/2009/04/plaque.jpg

World of Warcraft Tooltips Redux: phpBB 2 and Wowhead

Easy Wowhead tooltips in phpBB, with caching for quick link coloring.

Death Knight Primer

Quick tips for the newbies.

Guitar Zero

I'm a fanboy, so what?

Me vs. Puzzle Quest


You Are Not Prepared


Friday Randomness

iPhone, ftrain, Warcraft.


Second sixty.

Upcoming: Portal

Check it out.

E3 2006

Links from the 2006 Electronics Entertainment Expo.

World of Warcraft: Ajax item tooltips

Geeky navel gazing ahead.

Cross-post: Warcraft item links in macros

Fun and time-saving.

Opera for Nintendo DS, & Misc.

Via Planet GameCube:

Opera Software today announced that it will deliver the World Wide Web to Nintendo DS users in Japan. In Opera's agreement with Nintendo, Nintendo DS users will now be able to surf the full Internet from their systems using the Opera browser. The Opera browser for Nintendo …


Took me long enough.

Anyone for static Warcraft?

Hooray for hard-to-organize things.

WoW: Stargate SG-1 Tribute

Easter eggs a-plenty.

Fall Updates, 2005 Edition

Not much going on, really.

Lunch Money

It's never been just video games.