Guitar Zero

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 6 July 2008. It is tagged #Games, #guitarhero, and #nintendods.

I picked up Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS via online preorder, and I've played quite a bit since it arrived. Pros:

  • Fun. It's a good translation to the handheld platform, no less fun than Guitar Hero III on my PS2.
  • Portable. It fits nicely in my backpack or in the center console of the car.
  • Decent sound. Not great, but much better than I expected. Maybe comparable to 64Kbps MP3s?
  • Fast access to game play. Long startup and load times are a pet peeve of mine. In a single informal time trial, it took 37 seconds from turning on the DS to seeing the fret bar display in career mode. Not bad. Closing the handheld's lid means the game is available instantaneously, any time. The PS2 wastes nearly two minutes of my time before I reach a song.
  • Judy Nails. Mmm.


  • Limited track selection. Only 25 songs total.
  • Small fret bar. The buttons would feel more comforatable if half an inch or so was added to the total width of the bar.

Overall, a great buy for a GH fan like myself. Great if you're into branded accessories, too: picks, cases, and even a Guitar-Hero-branded Nintendo DS. Dang.