Those "Game" Things

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 23 May 2003. It is tagged and #Games.

After reminiscing about old SNES RPGs in my last post, I poked around on eBay to price out an old console and some games. Then I sort of went insane for a couple hours.

I would like to collect Game Boys. There, I said it. Now, why would I want to do a silly thing like that? For starters, the Game Boy is a relic from my childhood, and who doesn't feel a little nostalgic about their past? Furthermore, do you have any concept of just how many Game Boys there are? It's like trying to buy every Nine Inch Nails album. Just when you buy the Swedish import with the acid remix of Broken, Trent puts another version of the same song out in Japan. Witness:

  • Original Game Boy. You know it and love it.
  • Game Boy Pocket. Thinner and lighter than the original. Available in five colors.
  • Game Boy Color. Nintendo moves into the 20th century with a new color LCD. Available in six colors.
  • Game Boy Advance. New style, all around betterer. Available in several colors.
  • Game Boy Advance SP. Even more changes to the Game Boy's design.

At quick count, that's fifteen different styles and colors of Game Boys. There are special Pokémon editions in at least two colors, and I haven't done enough research to know the available colors for the Advance models. That at least puts us over twenty, and those are just the main ones. There's also: Game Boy Light (old style, with backlight); Super Game Boy (play Game Boy games on your SNES); and other goodies like the Game Boy Camera.

I only had a Game Boy of my own for a short time, but it was a lot of fun. There are some great old games, like the Kirby and Mega Man titles, as well as the always-classic Tetris. Hell, they even have Link to the Past for Game Boy Advance.

Most of this is fairly new to me. I've been under the proverbial rock since my subscription to Nintendo Power ran out. As much as I'd enjoy a little deal-searching and collecting, though, I'll try to be good. After all, there are more important places for me to spend money.