Opera for Nintendo DS, & Misc.

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 15 February 2006. It is tagged and #Games.

Via Planet GameCube:

Opera Software today announced that it will deliver the World Wide Web to Nintendo DS users in Japan. In Opera's agreement with Nintendo, Nintendo DS users will now be able to surf the full Internet from their systems using the Opera browser. The Opera browser for Nintendo DS will be sold as a DS card. Users simply insert the card into the Wi-Fi enabled Nintendo DS, connect to a network, and begin browsing on two screens.

Very cool, I hope this makes its way across the Pacific.

In other gaming news, I've purchased the Penny Arcade UFS card game. I've yet to play it, but it looks pretty slick. I think the UFS mechanics will take some getting used to. Craig and Karl will be excellent guinea pigs!

Justin stopped by last weekend and we played Polarium for the Nintendo DS. As they say in Futurama: "It's highly addictive!" My copy from eBay should be here by the weekend.

Sarah was also a sweetheart and got me City of Heroes for Valentine's Day. I tried it out for a bit last night and it seems pretty expansive. It's hard to comment yet, of course: MMOGs generally have a steeper learning curve than your standard puzzle game or first-person shooter, and CoH is no exception. More on that game later.