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2018 Retrospective

As is tradition, I find myself thinking about the past year and future plans over the December holiday.

Miracle Cube Timer

Here are a few ways I've used the dead-simple Miracle Cube Timer from Datexx.

Goodbye, Burrito

We say goodbye to a little friend.

OK Uber, that's not creepy or anything

When targeting marketing gets personal.


The daily struggle


This seems like a good time to follow up on my 2015 post.


I'm not one for resolutions, but it's hard not to think about changes one could make in the new year.


Apropos of nothing, a list of smells I enjoy.

Yeah, Thank You, Bye

The machines are learning.

Growing Up

How can growing up feel so slow, but so fast, at the same time?

Cool Dude in Shades

Marshall at 2 years old wearing sunglasses in his car seat

He's good at putting them on, now, and he likes to push them up on his head and tell us "hat" very matter-of-factly. (Actually, he says most things matter-of-factly.)

Raised Garden Bed

Photo of our raised garden bed filled with soil

Weekend project.

Movie Night: Hawk & Amélie

A clinical review.

Mmm, Vacation

Sitting here in my old house, wearing flannel-lined khakis and my extremely orange topato hoodie, with my new keyboard in arm's reach. Life is good.

Happy Holidays to everybody!

I Hope My PC Forgives Me

For the next five days, my Linux machine will sit somewhere between shutting down and starting up.


Heard this one on the way home from class yesterday:

My dad said, "How about you get a job on campus?" I said, "How about I saw your face off with a soldering iron?"

My faith in my peers wanes more every day.