Annika Backstrom
in Personal, on 13 January 2016. It is tagged #new year and #irresolutions.

This seems like a good time to follow up on my 2015 post. Like before, this isn't really setting resolutions, just cataloging what I'm thinking about.

How did I do in 2015?

Did I keep a diary? Kind of. I have a notebook but I only wrote in it a handful of times.

Did I spend less time on Twitter? I stopped using Twitter in early November. So, yep.

Get more shit done. In some ways. I'm spending more meaningful time with my family and doing household things. Most tech projects don't really fit into my life right now.

Play indie games? Some! In the past few months, I've played Cibele and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. I also purchased Transistor but only played it briefly.

What's up for 2016?

Get control of the clutter. My office is a mess. The basement isn't any better. Time to weed out what we don't need and make sure everthing we do need has a place.

Read more. I'll be tracking this on Goodreads. Add me!

Clean up my servers. It's a mess. I would love to document what lives where, get my backups in order, and move more of my setup into a system like Ansible.