Post tagged “Scripting”

  1. Journal from the Terminal

    For years, I've employed a very simple log file to track upgrades and significant configuration changes to my server: one update per line, starting with the output from date(1).

  2. Defining INI Entries for PHP Scripts

    Mostly useful to passing PHP INI settings to wrapper scripts like phpcs and phpunit.

  3. Level Up

    Archived here, for posterity: repeating the last command you typed into bash.

  4. Filesystem Events on Mac OS X

    inotifywait is a Linux thang, but if you need similar functionality on Mac OS X, check out wait_on. Available via homebrew.

  5. mysqlhotcopy: error 24

    What does it look like when you try to mysqlhotcopy, but don't have a high enough open files ulimit?

  6. Installing CPAN Modules without Root

    Today I needed to run mysqlhotcopy, but it was failing "undefined symbol: mysql_init" in DBD::mysql. My Perl is rusty at best, and I finally resorted to reinstalling DBI and DBD::mysql using the local user.

  7. Makefile for CSS and JS Minify/Compress

    I've had an ever-growing need to automate the minification and compression of CSS and JavaScript files on my web server, and while I'd written some rudimentary Makefiles in the past, I finally found time to write a kick-ass general purpose Makefile that can be applied to any project with very little modification.

  8. Appify: Wrapping Shell Scripts as Applications in Mac OS X 10.6

    Today I'm publishing appify, a shell script that turns any other non-interactive shell script into a double-clickable Mac OS X application bundle.

  9. Bash Completion

    It would be difficult to not like bash's programmable completion. It's too bad I've had such a hard time wrapping my head around the programmable completion toolkit.

  10. Google Search Options

    Google has added some search options to pages, including date-based searches, a variety of ways to find related information, and more options for displaying images with your results. Good stuff.

  11. Abusing screen(1)'s Default Shell

    Three other people will find this useful.

  12. Merging PDFs in Linux

    And it all comes together.

  13. Taming Google

    Down, boy.

  14. Python as Calculator

    Quite handy, I say.

  15. Firefox Packages on Slackware

    A time saver, for sure.

  16. Bash Tips: Set Remote Variables

    Seldom necessary, always difficult.

  17. Dockadd, Revealed

    Hey, there it is.

  18. Subversion Wiki Updates

    I've updated the Subversion page on my wiki with instructions for ViewCVS.

  19. Thursday Miscellaneous

    Been blogging only lightly these past few days.

  20. MySQL Backups with Subversion

    Server administration while you sleep.

  21. Bash Tips: Giving Feedback

    Be nice to your users.

  22. Bash Tips: SCP Compatibility

    Where am I? Where are you?

  23. Bash Tips: Wildcards

    Use them constantly.

  24. Bash Tips: Testing Arguments

    Ever want to test command line arguments in bash, mixing arguments and execution options? I have. Here's one way to do it.

  25. Bash Tips: Automatically Go Root

    I did some scripting for work yesterday, and came up with this little snippet to ensure important scripts will run as root.