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  1. Ansible Playbook: Reboot Servers

    An Ansible playbook to reboot servers that require a reboot.

  2. Ansible, Postfix, and Mailgun

    Here's a simple set of Ansible files that allow your hosts to send mail through Mailgun via Postfix.

  3. Termux for Android

    Wherein Termux for Android lets me build my website on my phone.

  4. Ansible 2.0 Released

    Exciting news: Ansible 2.0 was released earlier this month!

  5. Debian Release Nicknames

    I just learned that every public Debian release, starting with Debian 1.1 Buzz in June 1996, has been named after characters from Toy Story.

  6. pigz: parallel gzip

    pigz for multi-core gzip

  7. Two-factor SSH to Ubuntu 11.04 with Google Authenticator

    Read on for instructions setting up two-factor auth for SSH logins under Ubuntu. I used 11.04 Natty Narwhal; other releases may require small tweaks.

  8. Preware Ubuntu 11.04 Chroot Script

    I'll need this later. [code name=""]

  9. Locking Down rsync Over SSH

    For my most recent backup scheme, I needed to lock down rsync over OpenSSH while allowing scheduled syncing. I did it using the authorized_keys command="command" option to restrict access for a specific private key.

  10. Ubuntu 8.04 on Linode: Cloning and Upgrading to 10.04

    Here are some jumbled notes from my Linode VPS's upgrade from Ubuntu "Hardy Heron" 8.04 to "Lucid Lynx" 10.04. I wanted to do a test run before such a huge upgrade, and I did so by cloning my VPS to a VMware Fusion virtual machine. Note that I …

  11. Cron Output in Google Reader

    I've created a Django app to log cron output, simultaneously reducing the amount of email I get and enabling me to make cron output more verbose.

  12. A Vim of a Different Color

    After one too many compilation errors due to a missing quote/brace/bracket/etc., I finally enabled Vim syntax highlighting. The rabbit hole: :syn on. These colors suck. Look for themes. 4 bit themes suck. Let's set up an 8 bit color terminal. Leopard's fails, install iTerm 0 …

  13. VMware Fusion 2

    Digest version: it's sweet.

  14. Expiring Trees in Dirvish

    Perl isn't fun to read.

  15. Moving from Qmail to Postfix

    A day of changes.

  16. qmail fixed

    Running a mail server is almost worth all the trouble.

  17. Community Package Scripts

    All the fun without all the work.

  18. Merging PDFs in Linux

    And it all comes together.

  19. Slackware: Daylight Saving Update

    Time to upgradepkg.

  20. Banshee

    It plays music, it doesn't just scream wildly.

  21. Python as Calculator

    Quite handy, I say.

  22. Loading title, please wait...

    Not that kind of tape. Well, actually, it is that kind of tape...

  23. Firefox Packages on Slackware

    A time saver, for sure.

  24. Bash Tips: Set Remote Variables

    Seldom necessary, always difficult.

  25. Subversion Wiki Updates

    I've updated the Subversion page on my wiki with instructions for ViewCVS.

  26. Ximian Connector: First Thoughts

    Short version: even Evolution can't make Exchage not suck.

  27. Linux Trucking

    Open-source benefits all.