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World of Warcraft: TCG Card Numbering

The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game seems to have a very specific ordering of cards, which I'm attempting to accurately interpret.

Cataclysm Beta

Blizzard To Post Real Names on Forums

[Forums screenshot][img-big]

Blizzard today announced an upcoming change to the way users are represented on the official forums: included with each post will be the user's real name. Obviously, the shitstorm was immediate and intense. (Over 5,000 posts in the four hours 12,600 posts in the 7.5 hours …

Ding III

Third time's a charm.

World of Warcraft Tooltips Redux: phpBB 2 and Wowhead

Easy Wowhead tooltips in phpBB, with caching for quick link coloring.

Death Knight Primer

Quick tips for the newbies.


Some figures.

World of Warcraft: New Models on the Horizon?

Unfamiliar faces.

Friday Randomness

iPhone, ftrain, Warcraft.

Burning Crusade Cinematic Intro

Oh, how it burns.


Second sixty.

World of Warcraft: Ajax item tooltips

Geeky navel gazing ahead.


Took me long enough.

Anyone for static Warcraft?

Hooray for hard-to-organize things.

WoW: Stargate SG-1 Tribute

Easter eggs a-plenty.

Massive Experiences

Geeky post, beware.