Annika Backstrom
in Games, on 5 October 2006. It is tagged and #world of warcraft.

Cetoh, 60 night elf priest of Uther, is now level 60.

Cetoh began life as Ceto of Maelstrom (RP-PvP). She was created shortly before Ceto of Uther reached 60, no doubt during some period of frustration trying to level the rogue. By the end of last July Ceto (the priest) had reached level 43, became Cetoh, and was moved to Uther to be alongside friends and alts. Going by the Warcraft Realms data, August 7 started the marathon session to level the priest to endgame. Nine weeks later, it's done.

Ceto spent August 5 to January 7 climbing from level 43, a full five months.

Levelling quickly meant that gear was sometimes passed up in favor of fast experience. Now it's time to play catch-up, looking for gear that better suits my level, and finding a suitable guild in the near future.

It was a good run.