Ding III

Annika Backstrom
in Games, on 5 October 2009. It is tagged and #world of warcraft.

img Continuing the tradition: ding.

Looking through the archives, it seems I never documented the level 70 ding for Cetoh. The screenshot has been lost, probably to a dead hard drive, so the exact date escapes me. But, the rogue was first to 60, the priest was first to 70, and the death knight was first to 80. Old characters lag behind: the rogue sits at 68, and the priest hasn't moved past 70. Gotta wonder what I'll be playing at level 85.

The world looks a bit different since I last hit the cap. Cataclysm has been announced, and promises to reshape Azeroth. The achievements system has been brought online. Mounts are available at level 20. People have started getting their Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake.

My death knight is Exalted with two factions (my first two on any character). 1,008 quests brought her from level 55 to level 80, over the course of nearly 11 months. (Winning a duel is a requirement of the death knight starter quest line, and my character became Duel-icious on 2008-11-13.) She Toured the Fjord, got Bored in Borean, saw the Might of Dragonblight, and was just two quests shy of that Grizzly Shizzle at ding. She has caught 1,405 fish and "other things"; overall her skills languish at Cooking 206, Fishing 340, Herbalism 158, and Mining 169. She is still waiting for Artisan flying.