Dockadd, Revealed

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 14 December 2004. It is tagged #Mac OS X and #Scripting.

I was checking out my Google ranking and stumbled across something I never expected to see online: my Dockadd script. This script allows the user to add files, folders, and applications to the Mac OS X Dock via the command line or a script. It represents the pinnacle of my OS X hackery in many ways.

And of course, $LUSER is just shorthand for "local user," as any sysadmin knows.

Update, 7 April, 2005: Looking back at this script posting, the linebreaks are a bit out-of-whack, so a copy/paste of the code will not work. Script monkeys will be able to spot the errors, but if anyone has major headaches I can help point out the problems.