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  1. Filesystem Events on Mac OS X

    inotifywait is a Linux thang, but if you need similar functionality on Mac OS X, check out wait_on. Available via homebrew.

  2. iTerm 2 Skinny Fonts: Solution

    For reasons that were unknown to me, iTerm 2 would display a nice, thick font when the laptop was the primary screen, but a very thin font when the Acer was primary.

  3. Webpages as Screen Savers in Mac OS X

    jQuery can power your screensaver. Your move.

  4. Better Local Dev Hostnames with Dnsmasq

    I use ghost to configure development environment hostnames for all my local test sites. I wondered if there wasn't a more robust solution that supported wildcards.

  5. Upgrading to Snow Leopard

    I've just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard," and had one problem along the way.

  6. Removing All Partitions in Mac OS X

    Here's now to "remove" all partitions on a disk under Mac OS X by clobbering the partition map.

  7. Palm Pre Countdown in your Mac OS X Dashboard

    Hurry up and wait.

  8. A Vim of a Different Color

    After one too many compilation errors due to a missing quote/brace/bracket/etc., I finally enabled Vim syntax highlighting. The rabbit hole: :syn on. These colors suck. Look for themes. 4 bit themes suck. Let's set up an 8 bit color terminal. Leopard's fails, install iTerm 0 …

  9. 16.7 Exabytes

    I'm a big deal.

  10. VMware Fusion 2

    Digest version: it's sweet.

  11. Vim,, and the Delete key

    Vim rulse^H^Hes.

  12. Jumping Ship

    Man the lifeboats.

  13. Improving Network Performance on Mac OS X

    The default Mac OS X 10.4 has a default configuration for delayed ACK that made some of my network operations unbearably slow, most notably Samba. This note on Mac OS X Hints fixed things for me, improving transfer speeds noticeably. The short version: add net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0 …

  14. Dockadd, Revealed

    Hey, there it is.

  15. Offline IMAP in Entourage

    Hint, it's supported.

  16. Miscellaneous Hackery

    Mostly UML.

  17. Dock Annoyances

    "An application should always present a window when its Dock icon is clicked." Does anyone else find this feature slightly annoying?