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Google Reader Sunset

Google today announced that Google Reader will be shut down on 1 July 2013.

Google on the iPhone

In which I explore things which were taken for granted.

Google+ for Google Apps

It's finally here.

Google Apps Transition

I've started transitioning my Google app settings over to my newly-transitioned Google Apps account. Google Reader is now done, except for all my starred posts.

Google Background Images

Google tests background images.

Google Search Options

Google search options sidebar

Google has added some search options to pages, including date-based searches, a variety of ways to find related information, and more options for displaying images with your results. Good stuff.

Google Documents and Google Apps

I've been loving Google Apps lately, but there have been some headaches as I reconcile my old Google account with the new Google Apps account.

Google: Search Result Editing

Great googly moogly.