Google Reader Sunset

Annika Backstrom
in Web, on 14 March 2013. It is tagged #google reader, #web services, #syndication, and #google.

Google today announced that Google Reader will be shut down on 1 July 2013. As a daily user of Reader, this is pretty saddening. My Reader had a wide variety of feeds, and it's the only way I keep track of some of these things. A sampling:

  • Product news (Linode, GitHub, Enyo JS, Zend Framework, WordPress)
  • Programming blogs (Coding Horror, The Changelog)
  • Web development (A List Apart)
  • Support thread for my WordPress plugin
  • Comics, comics, comics
  • Design galleries
  • Pinboard network
  • Flickr feeds
  • Podcasts
  • Tumblrs

There are other feed readers out there, but it's not a good feeling when a product you're comfortable with goes dark. It's the helplessness of the situation: it makes you wonder what else is on the verge of disappearing. (I still miss you, Annie's Radiatore Pasta with Sundried Tomato and Basil Sauce.)

Thanks, Google Reader team. I found a lot of awesome stuff thanks to your hard work.

Google Reader "Trends" page

Bonus: 94,203 more items from my old Google account.