Hades: There is No Escape

Annika Backstrom
in Games, on 15 November 2020. It is tagged #Hades and #Roguelike.

After just over 80 hours, I've finally reached the epilogue in Hades. As a roguelike, you maybe never "finish," but the epilogue is a pretty significant milestone. It feels especially signifcant for me, as I don't have a great track record of sticking with games these days.

I picked Hades up on the Nintendo Switch after its 1.0 release in September. After a few very satisfying runs, I bought the game on Steam on September 25. My first clear on PC was October 23, I finished the main storyline on October 25, and it took until November 15 to reach the epilogue, 82 hours in.

Hades checks a lot of boxes for me: the characters (and voices) are great, the combat is fast and fun, there's lots of variety available in each run, and I can feel myself improve with practice. I'll probably keep playing for a while yet: there are still a few achievements left for me, plus a whole lotta heat to push.

Hades "win" screen showing victory in 42 minutes, 58 seconds