Annika Backstrom

Hi, I'm Annika Backstrom. I'm a software engineer living in New Hampshire, US. This is where I blog.

  1. How "Oldschool" Graphics Worked

    "The 8-Bit Guy" explains how color and graphics worked on old 8-bit systems like the NES and Apple II.

  2. OK Uber, that's not creepy or anything

    When targeting marketing gets personal.

  3. Bullshit

    Harry Frankfurt, "Bullshit!"

  4. Priorities

    The daily struggle

  5. Early Adoption

    Quick shout out to mth-ci-runner-1, which was GitLab CI runner #22.

  6. Feminist Frequency: Twitter, Conspiracies, and Information Cascades

    Anita's response to Twitter Trust & Safety Council conspiracy theories.

  7. Forest: Stay Focused, Be Present

    Forest for iOS. Stay focused, grow your forest.

  8. Showing Up

    On showing up to the table

  9. Ansible 2.0 Released

    Exciting news: Ansible 2.0 was released earlier this month!

  10. Debian Release Nicknames

    I just learned that every public Debian release, starting with Debian 1.1 Buzz in June 1996, has been named after characters from Toy Story.

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