Annika Backstrom

Hi, I'm Annika Backstrom. I'm a software engineer living in New Hampshire, US. This is where I blog.

  1. Bullshit

    Harry Frankfurt, "Bullshit!"

  2. Priorities

    The daily struggle

  3. Early Adoption

    Quick shout out to mth-ci-runner-1, which was GitLab CI runner #22.

  4. Feminist Frequency: Twitter, Conspiracies, and Information Cascades

    Anita's response to Twitter Trust & Safety Council conspiracy theories.

  5. Forest: Stay Focused, Be Present

    Forest for iOS. Stay focused, grow your forest.

  6. Showing Up

    On showing up to the table

  7. Ansible 2.0 Released

    Exciting news: Ansible 2.0 was released earlier this month!

  8. Debian Release Nicknames

    I just learned that every public Debian release, starting with Debian 1.1 Buzz in June 1996, has been named after characters from Toy Story.

  9. 2016

    This seems like a good time to follow up on my 2015 post.

  10. pigz: parallel gzip

    pigz for multi-core gzip

And older things.