Post tagged “Palm”

  1. Preware Ubuntu 11.04 Chroot Script

    I'll need this later. [code name=""]

  2. webOS 3.0.2 Changes

    Observed changes from the webOS 3.0.2 update.

  3. Palm Pre Countdown in your Mac OS X Dashboard

    Hurry up and wait.

  4. Waiting for the Palm Pre

    Pre-release Pre thoughts, and some words on competition in the smartphone space.

  5. Creating eReader Books

    Reading on the cheap.

  6. The Stylus is So Yesterday

    New stuff. Palm Wireless Keyboard.

  7. Pocket-sized Internet

    As I mentioned, I'm the proud owner of an 802.11b wireless networking adapter for my Palm m500. I promised I'd post about it, and who am I to disappoint?

  8. I Think I'm Alone Now

    No roommates; Xircom Wireless LAN.

  9. Palm Goodies

    As a follow-up to my last post, here's a catalog of some interesting apps I've found for my Palm m500.

  10. Productivity?

    Yeah, my productivity on the Palm m500 just went to Zero.