Useless Spam?

Annika Backstrom
in Meta, on 19 January 2005. It is tagged and #Spam.

My blog has received literally hundreds of garbage comments over the past few weeks. They're not spam in the traditional sense, in that they're not trying to sell anything. (I suppose that's not a hard and fast definition for spam, but still.) If anything, I've been the victim of incessant compliments. The spammers claim to love my site and design, and they're all very thankful that I've made this website. Well, you're welcome, but please shut up now.

The commenters leave no name, but do list an e-mail address. There are no URLs in the comment at all. What's the point? To deluge me with too many comments to moderate effectively, in the hopes that true spam will slip through the cracks? That's the only thing I've come up with.