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Moved to Pelican

After lots of nitpicking and too many hours of fine-tuning by hand, I've finally migrated this site from self-hosted WordPress to Pelican.

Updated: Amazon S3 for WordPress

I've updated my "WordPress Media in Amazon S3" post with a diff of my Zend library modifications.

Server Move

For real this time.

Handling Spam II: Revenge of the Spam

It never stops.

Google Sitemaps and WordPress 2.0

Quick and dirty.

WordPress via Subversion

More progress.

WordPress Upgrade

Progress, they call it.

Controlling Spam

Stripped of all power.

Handling Spam

Roll your own, that's why we have open source.

Related Feeds (Supposedly)

And you were there, and you, and even you.

Useless Spam?


Tweakin' the Feeds


Comment Spam Update

A short update on comment spam.

Comment Spam

The floodgates are open.

Dust Settling

I hate doing the Right Thing.

Free Words

The blog is dead, long live the blog.

Misguided Hierarchies

I am sorry for what I have done.


Pretty colors.

Align Along a Line

They're trying, I know they are.

A Faker in our Midst

Comment spam, fake blogs, and pills, oh my.

In Other News

Abby wins!

Static Blogrolling

Caching your blogroll.

Be Green

I've created a new template for MovableType that matches the style of Bwerp, my main site (indeed, it uses the same stylesheet). Any comments? Do you like it? Is it hard to read? Does it look like crap in Browser X? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

More Blog Ignoring

I think I have more fun tweaking my MT templates than I do actually posting to my blog. Just not a whole lot to talk about, I guess. I do plan on doing useful things in the future, like dissecting and posting my findings, along with fixing up …

Pings at last!

Thank God Almighty, pings at last! Since this blog's inception, I haven't been able to automatically ping and MT would say it pinged, but I wouldn't show up on either site. I noticed that I was able to ping from another MT installation on the same …