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ASCII Art Spam

Extra points for creativity.


Traffic problem.

Handling Spam II: Revenge of the Spam

It never stops.


Nice to meet you, too.

Controlling Spam

Stripped of all power.

Handling Spam

Roll your own, that's why we have open source.

Thoughts on rel="nofollow"

Follow me follow me follow me down, down down down.

Useless Spam?


Comment Spam Update

A short update on comment spam.

Comment Spam

The floodgates are open.

A Faker in our Midst

Comment spam, fake blogs, and pills, oh my.

More Spam, Please

"Like any person who portrays an image of power, this power is only derived from those willing to support them."

Lock Your Doors

"It appears that CONNECT is used for tunneling proxy servers. Apparently, these proxies can be used for spam."

Blogs and Spam: The Next Revolution

The first of many.

SpamAssassin, Procmail, and Fetchmail, Oh My

I followed Mark Pilgrim's lead and set up SpamAssassin tonight, with some help. I've actually been pretty lucky in the spam department, with one spam every couple days. Having a dummy account with aliases helps, plus I get to see exactly where people are getting my address from.

Here's the …