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Defining INI Entries for PHP Scripts

Mostly useful to passing PHP INI settings to wrapper scripts like phpcs and phpunit.

Rasmus on Interpolation vs. Concatenation

Rasmus Lerdorf has been tweeting this morning about concatenation vs. interpolation in PHP. Micro-optimizations to be sure, but an interesting look under the hood.

PHP 5.4 Changes

From the PHP 5.4.0 RC1 "NEWS" file. Traits, array dereferencing, CLI built-in web server, and more.

WordPress MU Domain Mapping Patches

Get domain mapped URLs for any blog, and fix paths to the MUPLUGINDIR.

Filesystem Caching without Cruft in PHP

Cleanup your file caches while you're still using them.

Google Chrome 13 "Pretty Print" Scripts

Screenshots of Google Chrome 13's "pretty print" feature for scripts.

Python and PHP: Giving a Rat's Ass

Should you give a rat's ass about being competitive with PHP?

PHP, symlinks, and the realpath cache

I've had issues in the past where symlinked web directories don't point to the correct file after the symlink target is changed.

Migrating to PHP 5.3: call_user_func_array()

I've been updating various old pieces of code after our PHP 5.3 upgrade yesterday afternoon. Today, call_user_func_array() has been a recurring theme.

On Frameworks

Everyone wants what they don't have.

Light Reading

Picked up Clean Code and Design Patterns based on some recommendations. Hopefully I'll be able to apply the concepts to PHP.

prettyPrint for JavaScript

I'm not a ColdFusion programmer, but I am a long-time fan of dBug for PHP. I just stumbled across James Padolsey's prettyPrint, which adds the same debugging feature to JavaScript.

Testable Factories

So I wrote a post about testable classes in PHP, and before I even hit "Publish" I read something on StackOverflow that challenged some of my opinions. I wrote that I didn't need testable factories, but what if I did?

Thinking About Testability

I've been thinking a lot about unit tests, lately. In the Bad Old Days I could var_dump() my way through a problem and deal with the consequences, but that isn't good enough any more. Today, I want my tests to run themselves, and that's forcing me change the way I structure my code.

Cron Output in Google Reader

I've created a Django app to log cron output, simultaneously reducing the amount of email I get and enabling me to make cron output more verbose.

PHP 5.3.0 Changes

PHP 5.3.0 looks promising.

Variable Variables and Arrays

Memorize the order of operations, I guess.

Smarter Parsing with Smarty

Don't gobble my markup.

ADOdb, MySQL, and Transactions

Transactions should be supported by everything.

Python Indentation and Vim

Holy wars, to some.