Post tagged “Photography”

  1. Vintage NYC

    Found in old Moulton family papers. Date and photographer unknown.

  2. Hearts, Park Slope

  3. Trillium

  4. Test Post

    Welcome, indeed.

  5. Amongst the Tall Trees

  6. Nest Harvesting

    Bald-face hornet's nest, found off Buffalo Road in Rumney, NH.

  7. Cool Dude in Shades

    He's good at putting them on, now, and he likes to push them up on his head and tell us "hat" very matter-of-factly. (Actually, he says most things matter-of-factly.)

  8. Flickr Updates (23 September 2007)

    109 new photos.

  9. Flickr Updates (17 June 2007)

    14 new photos.

  10. Flickr Updates (28 May 2007)

    6 new photos. (3 Friends & Family)

  11. View from the Top

    I can't see my house from here.

  12. Sunset

    A thing to be enjoyed.

  13. Background Noise

    Green is good.

  14. Hey look, it's winter

    Where'd that stuff come from?

  15. Flickr Calendar View

    My life, compressed.

  16. Exploring Flickr

    Where do I sign?

  17. What's that I smell?

    Faster than a speeding shutter.

  18. Just a Reminder

    Who's '1337?

  19. Snowflakes

    Ice crystals in November.

  20. Total Lunar Eclipse, Right Now

    If you're reading this, you've already missed it.

  21. CompactFlash Price Drops

    When did CompactFlash cards get so cheap?

  22. Darkpole

    A rare opportunity.

  23. Kaboom


  24. ISO, and You?

    I am learning.

  25. Painting With Light

    Experiments with aperture, shutter speed, a bright blue LED in an otherwise dark room. My kingdom for a tripod.