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Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 1 September 2005. It is tagged and #Photography.

[Screenshot of Flickr Calendar][]Let me just say that I love the concept of the [Flickr calendar view][Screenshot of Flickr
Calendar]. There are some things I remember very well. Certain kinds of data are easily locked away and recalled: driving directions, computer functionality, other necessary but mundane things. The hard part is remembering what I've done, and when I did it.

It's not that I forget these things, but the calendar compresses my time and gives me that overhead view that I cannot otherwise experience. One week I was playing Lunch Money with Craig and Abra, the next week Jen came to visit, the next week Hurricane Katrina hit. The visual cues are all I need to see those people and feel those emotions again.

Weez aims for a blog post every day. I wonder if I could take a photo every day? Just something to remind myself, You were here.

[Screenshot of Flickr Calendar]: