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Welcoming Harper Hawke

Harper Hawke Backstrom came into this world Wednesday, August 10, 2011, at 21:24. We are happy to announce that he is healthy, handsome, and nursing well.

Growing Up

How can growing up feel so slow, but so fast, at the same time?

Cool Dude in Shades

Marshall at 2 years old wearing sunglasses in his car seat

He's good at putting them on, now, and he likes to push them up on his head and tell us "hat" very matter-of-factly. (Actually, he says most things matter-of-factly.)

Baby Food

Just eat it.

A Cunning Disguise

With a wick-wack bitter lack of youthfulness & charm, this old man kept rhyming on.

Announcing Marshall Leif

Welcome to the world.

The Business of Being Born

"Business" being the operative word.


For the better.