Baby Food

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 26 November 2008. It is tagged #Kid, #bacon, and #gadgets.

Marshall's diet has become more interesting in recent weeks. He's always been very interested in what we eat and drink, and we've often shared our glasses of water with him, sometimes letting him sip though he's usually content to hold the glass in his hands and gum on the rim. While there's definitely a few schools of thought on solids, we did start feeding him some "real" food about three weeks ago. His first food was avocado, mashed into a paste, which was a hit. Next came banana, yams, apple sauce, pear, and, most recently (and most favorite), green peas. Along the way he's also had quinoa, usually mixed with other foods.

Tofu is this evening's exciting dish, but Charlotte did some research and we'll be waiting to introduce that again. Sorry, guy!

So far we've mostly stuck with your basic fruit and vegetable aisle fare, organic when possible, prepared for baby here at home. We've also added a food mill to our arsenal of tools. Charlotte is very thorough in researching the safety of each food for an infant, which should be no surprise to anyone who knows her well. The hardest part is yet to come, when Marshall offers me a spoonful of spinach with all the innocence in the world.

It's added something new to Marshall's day, which is great. We love to engage him and let him surprise us, and food provides plenty of opportunity for that. It will be a long time before he and I share a BLT, but seeds have been sewn.