Post tagged “git”

  1. Adventures in Git: Deploy on Push

    For posterity, here's a small Git post-receive script to update a checkout when a bare repository receives a push.

  2. Adventures in Git: Move Commits from Master to New Branch

    The other night, I sat down with Git to solve what turned out to be a very simple problem: what if you've started making commits to your master branch, but want to move your work into a feature branch?

  3. Git Subtree Merges, Orphaned Branches, and GitHub

    Git supports a merge strategy called the subtree merge which brings a branch into a subdirectory of another branch. How are these created, what if the dependency isn't a Git project, and how does GitHub display unrelated branches?

  4. Running gitweb in FastCGI Mode

    Maybe my Google-fu is just failing me on this one, but I had a hell of a time getting gitweb to run in FastCGI mode.

  5. Subversion: Missing Features

    I love many things about git, but I use Subversion at my day job. Two git features please me enough that I took the time to build them into my svn workflow: paged diffs and "commit -v." As of 15 September 2011, this script will also diff properties using the …