Remote Control via BitTorrent Sync

Annika Backstrom
in Technology, on 28 January 2015 (history)

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for remotely initiating BitTorrent downloads using BitTorrent Sync. This lets you initiate torrent downloads on a host by dragging the torrent file to a folder on any other computer.

  1. Set up a BitTorrent Sync shared folder if you haven't done so already (instructions)
  2. Add a new folder to your share, e.g. torrent-remote-control.
  3. Configure your BitTorrent client to watch this folder for new .torrent files. (example)
    • Optional: set the Downloads directory to another, non-sync'd folder if you don't want downloaded files copied to each BitTorrent Sync peer.
  4. Drag a torrent into the watch folder from another computer, watch the torrent download automagically start on the other computer.