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  1. Vim Template Files and :keepalt

    Using :keepalt with Vim template files to preserve the alternate-file setting.

  2. Tracking Cash with You Need a Budget

    You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a budgeting app for web and mobile that helps you track your spending and save for the future. Here's how I track cash spending in YNAB without wanting to tear my hair out.

  3. Ansible Playbook: Reboot Servers

    An Ansible playbook to reboot servers that require a reboot.

  4. TaskPaper 3: Child-aware Archiving

    Here's a TaskPaper "Archive" replacement that keeps child tasks with their parents.

  5. Ansible, Postfix, and Mailgun

    Here's a simple set of Ansible files that allow your hosts to send mail through Mailgun via Postfix.

  6. Termux for Android

    Wherein Termux for Android lets me build my website on my phone.

  7. Early Adoption

    Quick shout out to mth-ci-runner-1, which was GitLab CI runner #22.

  8. pigz: parallel gzip

    pigz for multi-core gzip

  9. IFTTT and Taskpaper TODO Workflow

    A writeup on my DO Note/Dropbox/Taskpaper workflow which allows "ubiquitous capture" on iOS devices.

  10. Upcoming: RFID on Raspberry Pi

    With a spare Raspberry Pi on hand, I can finally do a project I've had on ice for ages: an RFID-controlled, Pi-powered music player.

  11. Remote Control via BitTorrent Sync

    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for remotely initiating BitTorrent downloads using BitTorrent Sync.

  12. Google Reader Discontinued

    For posterity: the Google Reader site, post-sunset.

  13. Open Tech NYC 2013 Notes

    The inagural Open Tech NYC conference was held in Long Island City, Queens this past Saturday, March 30. My notes are rough and incomplete compared to the talks themselves, but here they are for posterity.

  14. WordPress Themes and the GPL

    There's some debate over whether WordPress themes are automatically GPL because of the way they are loaded by, integrate with, and depend on WordPress, which is GPL.

  15. WordPress 3.0 Released

    At long last, WordPress 3.0 is here. Thanks to Pete Mall for his post on upgrading WordPress MU to WordPress 3, and for [@andrea_r][]for bringing it to my attention. Total upgrade time: \~5 minutes on Subversion checkout with no mods. Can't wait to use the custom post …

  16. Google Background Images

    Google tests background images.

  17. Ads vs. Content

    Red highlights added by me. I wonder if Google has policies regarding this type of ad layout. I think having this poor a ratio of content to ads dilutes all the advertising. Whatever the case, I hate wading through this many ads in search of the article.

  18. The Killer Technology

    This is a rant against saying some device/software/platform will "kill" another.

  19. Upgrading to Snow Leopard

    I've just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard," and had one problem along the way.

  20. The iPad is OK… Sometimes

    The impending release of the Apple iPad has increased the chatter on my Twitter and Google Reader feeds, with some commentary pro-iPad, some con-, and some mocking the rest. It's also subject of a lot of discussion here in the office, usually in terms of which model we would like …

  21. Making Windows Bearable

    I sort of stumbled across Cygwin the other day. It's by Red Hat, but I actually like it. Cygwin gives Windows users access to many of the tools included with most Linux distributions. It's comforting having native access to mutt, vim, bash, and ssh, on those occasions when I need …

  22. Palm Goodies

    As a follow-up to my last post, here's a catalog of some interesting apps I've found for my Palm m500.

  23. Tim O'Reilly on Piracy

    Tim O'Reilly has a very well thought-out and informed article on piracy over at He says many good things about the benefits of the P2P world and what has been labeled as "piracy", the desire for users to have immediate access to entertainment, books, and the like, and …