ACNH: Starting my Garden

Annika Backstrom
in Games, on 5 May 2020. It is tagged #animal crossing, #animal crossing: new horizons, and #garden science.

Murphy was crafting the Ironwood DIY Workbench last night, so I had a bunch of visitors from the XOXO community. They were nice enough to water my new garden beds, getting me to max sparkle (5 visitors or "5V") and an 80% reproduction rate. Contents of that garden as follows, mostly using "interleaved diamonds":

  • White roses (10 pair, from seed)
  • Yellow and red tulips (10 pair, from seed)
  • Blue pansy (0-0-2)

Here's the layout, via AC Flower Planner:

Garden layout

From that layout and watering, the flowers produced these offspring:

  • 6 white roses (0-0-0-0 or 0-0-1-0) and 3 purple roses (0-0-2-0)
  • 7 yellow tulips (1-1-1) and 3 orange tulips (1-1-0)
  • 1 blue pansy clone (0-0-2)

Watering results

The white roses and yellow tulips get vendored so they don't pollute the gene pool. I'll attempt to clone the purple roses (for BackwardsN blue roses) and orange tulips (for purple tulips).

Cloning layout

The tulips don't really need this much attention but I'm doing it anyway. It's helpful and low-stakes as I build a system for tracking my gardening.