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  1. Conferencing in Boston

    I've been fortunate enough to attend three conferences through my employer: jQuery Conference (2010 and 2011), and WordCamp Boston (2011). I've regretted not blogging about these, so in lieu of a full recap, suffice it to say these were awesome, energizing events and I hope to keep participating in the …

  2. Updated: Amazon S3 for WordPress

    I've updated my "WordPress Media in Amazon S3" post with a diff of my Zend library modifications.

  3. WordPress Network Plugin Management

    I need to test all of these, at some point.

  4. WordPress MU Domain Mapping Patches

    Get domain mapped URLs for any blog, and fix paths to the MUPLUGINDIR.

  5. Saving WordPress Media to Amazon S3 (Teaser)

    On saving media directly to Amazon S3.

  6. WordPress Stack Exchange Goes Live

    WordPress Answers is in public beta. Get in.

  7. WordPress StackExchange

    "WordPress Answers," the StackExchange-powered question and answer site for WordPress, has made it out of Area 51 and into a week-long private beta.

  8. WordPress Themes and the GPL

    There's some debate over whether WordPress themes are automatically GPL because of the way they are loaded by, integrate with, and depend on WordPress, which is GPL.

  9. WordPress 3.0 Released

    At long last, WordPress 3.0 is here. Thanks to Pete Mall for his post on upgrading WordPress MU to WordPress 3, and for [@andrea_r][]for bringing it to my attention. Total upgrade time: \~5 minutes on Subversion checkout with no mods. Can't wait to use the custom post types …

  10. Google Sitemaps and WordPress 2.0

    Quick and dirty.

  11. WordPress Upgrade

    Progress, they call it.